More success with CRM, here’s how to do it!

Is CRM in your organization not running the way you would like it to? With Inteleo’s CRM Success Program, you will learn from Leo Rietbergen how to optimize CRM results and create a successful CRM team. The goal is to increase CRM Adoption in your organization and improve CRM Usage.

In the Inteleo CRM Success Program you will learn how to choose the appropriate CRM system, which modules are important and which functionalities you should prioritize. You will work on setting up and integrating the CRM system in an optimal way. You will learn skills on how to create enthusiastic users and put the customer first. An important part is how to create a successful CRM team.

Inteleo CRM Success Program theory and practice

The power of the Inteleo CRM Success Program is the combination of theory and practice. Besides the ‘standard’ theory, models and methodologies, the program also incorporates my experience from hundreds of CRM Projects that I have supervised over the past 30 years.

Ultimately, it’s about improving the CRM results at your organization. That is why in the Sessions and Workshops a lot of time is spent on the CRM practice situation of your organization. 

“Because of Leo’s extensive knowledge of CRM, he helped us tremendously with the decision-making process and the design of the Microsoft Dynamics365 environment.”
Daan de Jong – Pon Power (Caterpillar engine dealer)

Inteleo CRM Success Plan: the foundation of CRM success!

Inteleo’s CRM Success Plan is an intelligent step-by-step plan that you can deploy in both the strategic phase, the design phase and the implementation phase.

The Inteleo CRM Success Plan Workbook is a document that is discussed in detail in the Inteleo CRM Success Program. We fill it out together so you can put it into practice right away.

CRM Success Roadmap

Inteleo CRM Success Roadmap

In the Inteleo CRM Success Roadmap, you see three paths. The path of Purpose (green), the path of Human (brown) and the path of Resource (blue). Click open a path below to learn more about the different steps in the path.

The path of Goal
In the Path of Goal you will encounter the steps goal, form coalition, available, involved, visible, launch and expand. Each step has its own important focal points. The step launch is part of each path. It is important to do this step together.
The path of People
In this path you naturally encounter the step team. The other steps are meaning, ist und soll, scan people, communication strategy, inform, feedback events, training and service team. The steps demo and risk people & technology coincide with the path of Tools. The step launch coincides with all three paths.
The path of Tools
In the path of Tools, you give attention to the steps scan engineering, integrations, data, functional design, prototype, configuration and testing. The steps demo and risk people & technology coincide with the path of Peple. The step launch coincides with all three paths and so you should also do it together in the form of a kick-off.

“Leo voelt heel goed aan wat een organisatie nodig heeft en op welke manier hij de medewerkers moet aanhaken in de ontwikkelingen. Hierdoor wordt de opgedane kennis geborgd.”
Ina Haverhals – Agile organisatiecoach

What does the Inteleo CRM Success Program look like?

The Inteleo CRM Success Program is made up of 6 Blocks.
Each Block consists of 2 Online Sessions and 1 Online Workshop.
The lead time for each Block is 1 month.

Each Block covers a particular theme. In addition to the theme, each Block also focuses on daily ‘CRM focal points’ and realizing ‘CRM Quick Wins’.

The themes

The topics covered are:
1.      The CRM T-E-A-M
2.      The CRM Success Plan
3.      Selection of Tools, Apps
4.      Setup (Customization)
5.      Stakholder Management and Adoption
6.      CRM Use and Management.

A comprehensive workbook is available for each topic. Leo takes you through the CRM Success Roadmap step by step. You get to work with your own team and of course there is enough room to address the specific challenges of your organization. Of course Leo is available in between for questions, help and ideas.

Leo’s working method is based on proven models and methodologies such as ist, soll, strategy, Plan Do Check Adjust (PDCA) and the ADKAR method of Prosci.

Why participate in this?

You’ve no doubt already noticed that Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (CE, Sales, Marketing, Service) is many and extensive. To get this right, you could probably use some good help. Leo has over 30 years of experience in selecting, implementing and using (Microsoft) CRM. His goal is to make CRM more fun and more rewarding. That’s what drives him and that’s why joining the Inteleo CRM Success Program is a very good plan!

To achieve a good CRM result, doel, people and tools are the three most important success factors. The human factor is the most important of the three. And strangely enough, people often get the least attention, which is why (CRM) projects often do not deliver the desired results.

Leo just puts people central, because of course it goes much further than technical solutions. Communication and human interaction is also crucial, because ultimately you want to offer your customers the best experience.

What prior knowledge should you have?

You don’t need any specific prior knowledge for this training. What is most important is that you and your team have the motivation to work with CRM.

“With Leo, the customer is always the focus. In a very pleasant way he knows how to transfer his knowledge. From strategy to implementation and very patient.”
John Trechsel – Manager of Marketing & Communications Zanders

How will the training be delivered?

In recent years, Leo has successfully facilitated several online training courses. For this, he uses Teams and Mural. This way you have no travel time with your team and the sessions can be easily scheduled into everyone’s schedule.

In addition to the Online Sessions and Online Workshops, Leo is of course available in the meantime to answer questions.

If you prefer on-site training or a hybrid format, please contact Leo Rietbergen.

“Leo knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to CRM!”
Arnaud Backbier – Corporate entrepreneur (bio)chemicals

What is the result?

In the Inteleo CRM Success Program, Leo Rietbergen focuses with you on the entire team. Because successfully implementing and using CRM is something you do together.

Participating in the Inteleo CRM Success Program provides more knowledge and understanding of the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The result is more enthusiastic users and better use through better setup of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM environment.

“Leo not only focuses on the result, but he is very aware of the change management needs within the organization during the project life cycle.”
Wendy Wetzels – Adelante marketing and communications consultant

Who is the Inteleo CRM Success Program for?

The program is designed for the CRM end manager, for managers and CRM team members (including key users, functional administrator, project leader) who want to optimally set up, integrate and utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CE, CRM).

For example:

  • If you are in the process of selecting a CRM system or,
  • You want to improve the use of the CRM system or,
  • You want to further expand the CRM functionalities.

The Inteleo CRM Success Program provides you with many tools, tips and support for optimal use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (CE, Sales, Marketing, Service).

When can you start?

You and your team can start any time. Contact Leo for an intake interview.

Or sign up directly.

What does it cost?

There are 3 variations to participate in the Inteleo CRM Success Program.
Click on the participation method for more information:

  1. DIY (Do It Yourself)
  2. Open Enrollment
  3. Exclusivily participation ‘only’ with your own CRM Team

“Leo Rietbergen’s years of experience pay off directly in practical solutions.”
Jochen Haalboom – Marketing Manager Hillstar