Leo Rietbergen
Leo Rietbergen

My name is Leo Rietbergen, founder of Inteleo. I specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (CE, Sales, Marketing, Service).

I have over 30 years of CRM experience and have helped hundreds of customers implement Dynamics 365 CRM solutions that fit their specific needs and goals. I guide companies with analyzing business processes and designing and implementing a customized CRM solution. I also train CRM teams in optimizing CRM performance.

My passion is to share my CRM knowledge and experience, which is why I developed the unique Inteleo CRM Success Program. This program supports CRM teams to increase CRM Adoption within the organization and improve CRM Usage. Want to know more about my offerings?

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Leo Rietbergen
Grote Haag 54
3893 CN Zeewolde
The Netherlands
+31 6 14 84 64 73
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