CRM Success Program: Exclusive


The Inteleo CRM Success Program Exclusive is specifically for the entire CRM Team of one’s organization.

Start: every month.

Order of Blocks: will be determined in consultation.
Advice: start with Block 1.

The Inteleo CRM Success Program Exclusive consists of 6 Blocks. Each Block has a specific theme.

The goal of the Inteleo CRM Success Program Exclusive is to achieve more CRM Adoption and better CRM Usage for better CRM Results.

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Prices CRM Success Program Exclusive

Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

You can participate in 3 ways

  • Do It Yourself (DIY).
    Access documents only.
    Click here
  • Open Enrollment
    Together with participants from other companies.
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  • Exclusive
    Participation with own CRM Team, without other companies.

Purpose of the Inteleo CRM Success Program:
Achieving more Adoption and better Use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (CE, Sales, Marketing, Service) so that the CRM investment delivers more results.

Methodology Inteleo CRM Success Program Exclusive

  • Each Block has 2 Online Sessions of 1 hour each and 1 Online Workshop of 2 hours.
  • You will also receive several helpful documents, such as checklists, working documents and templates.
  • The duration of 1 Block is 1 month.
  • For each Block, the entire CRM Team works together to increase CRM Adoption and improve CRM Usage.
  • Participation with your own CRM Team.
  • Questions can be asked during the Online Sessions, the Workshop and by email.

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